About Us

A focused offering of engaging soft skills trainings, providing usable tools for better and measurable performance praised by our Clients

The Evolution-U Business Suites are comprised of approximately 30 unique executive training courses containing 200+ unique modules drawing on best of breed business psychology and NLP applications which we have selected and formatted to deliver focused, results driven content.

Our Courses: The Soft Skills Performance Wheel

Since 2009, Evolution-U has developed and delivered class room trainings on proprietary soft skills content globally to corporate clients and senior executives.

The Evolution-U Soft Skills Performance Wheel covers 8 business suites; Communication, Persuasion, Sales, Negotiation, Personal Empowerment, Leadership, Coaching and Diversity & Inclusion. Approximately 30 unique Evolution-U certified courses are available across these business suites.
Evolution-U has trained upwards of 5,000 corporate executives globally from sectors including banking and finance, insurance, consulting, legal, manufacturing, electronics, luxury, retail, lifestyle, IT and government.

With the challenges posed by Covid to staff training, Evolution-U has worked with its HR, L&D and management stakeholders to convert its most popular trainings to online format, offering a combination of live webinar based classes, online courses and blended solutions customised to each client’s needs.









What People Say About Us

A session with Neil is vital for anyone looking to enhance their communication and presentation skills. This applies to the home or work place and especially useful in sales. My most recent course with Neil - 'Webinar Like A Pro,' was a good example of adapting to the times and utlising these strategies in webinar presentations.

Jonathan Gordon

Distribution Director, IP Global Ltd

Neil's program on Collaborative Communication is immensely helpful for middle and senior level executives engaged in internal and external communication.

The concepts and tools that Neil familiarized us with, are intuitively appealing, effective in resolving conflicts and help to achieve productive outcomes in various different negotiation scenarios. I'd recommend the course for executives at all levels.

Manishi Raychaudhuri

Managing Director. Head of Equity Research - Asia Pacific

Neil is a true subject matter expert. He brought his skills to our firm and taught Negotiation to our professional staff. He has an incredible way of engaging the audience, keeping everyone motivated and interested. We learned a lot and look forward to learning more. Highly recommended.

Steve Bernstein

Senior Managing Director, Lone Star Funds (Asia Pacific) ... Co-Founder of the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program

Neil‘s course is really great. One the one hand you immediately get the feeling that he knows what he is talking about and he conveys complex content in a structured and easy-to-follow manner. On the other hand the anecdotes he connects to the content make it entertaining and easy to stay attentive. I recommend him.

Michael G

Sr. Global Product (Marketing) Manager at Draeger

Course Instructors

Neil Orvay

Expertise: Communication, Influence, Sales, Negotiation, Leadership, Team Building, Coaching, NLP, Empowerment, Unconscious Bias, Psychometric Profiling, Time Line Therapy

Shirley Adrain

Expertise: Diversity & Inclusion, Women’s Development, Leadership, Influencing and Personal Empowerment

Joe Sevack


Expertise: Negotiation

Peter Chum


Expertise: Communication, Influence, Sales, Leadership, Team Building, Personal Empowerment

Raphael Sachs


Expertise: Communication, Influence, Sales, Negotiation, Personal Empowerment

Dr. Pansy Lam


Expertise: Leadership, Organisational Development, Cross Cultural Coaching