Managing Unconscious Bias

Course Description

Welcome to this training on Unconscious Bias! Please follow the steps and 90 minutes you will have a detailed understanding of how unconscious bias effects us on a daily basis, and how to deal with it! The course is split into three sections; Undestanding Unconscious Bias, Common Types of Unconscious Bias, and Managing Unconsious Bias, Each section builds on the previous, so please complete each section fully before proceeding to the next.

Understanding UB
5-10 minutes
Why does UB exist?
3-5 minutes
The 3 Internal Signs of UB
10-15 minutes
The 3 External Signs of UB
5-10 minutes
Level 1 Knowledge Review

Introduction to Common Unconscious Biases
3-5 minutes
10 Common UB's Part 1
5-10 minutes
10 Common UB's Part 2
5-10 minutes
Common UB's Knowledge Review

Managing Unconscious Bias 1
3-5 minutes
Managing Unconscious Bias 2
5-10 minutes
Managing Unconscious Bias 3
5-10 minutes
Managing UB Knowledge Review

15-30 minutes
My UB Action Plan!
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  • Instructor Neil Orvay
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Topics 11
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